One Vision Risk is no stranger to the risk management world. It’s why we are respected as experts in the field of evaluating the best possible solutions to address and finance the potential impact of risk on a business.

Why focus on risk? Because insurance covers usually provide solutions for less than 30% of business risks, leaving you and your business more vulnerable than you would like it to be.

At One Vision Risk, we’re driven to create applications and solutions that solve your business concerns at every level: 

  • At shareholder level, where we focus on the big picture, corporate governance, compliance, balance sheet protection and strategic solutions.
  • At operational level, where we address basic risk concerns, such as fire, security, health and safety, engineering, business continuity, supplier and customer dependencies, IT, cyber and motor.
  • At risk level, where we’ve come to evaluate each one independently. This is done according to the probability of each risk’s occurrence and degree of impact on the business

Our aim is to understand and assess the operational and strategic risks facing each one of our clients, without ever cutting corners. This ensures that our services are customised and effective, for accurate and informative solutions that make a real difference.

By tailoring our approach for every client, we’re able to identify what insurance covers to purchase and the correct levels of cover required. We also provide alternative financial solutions that will assist in financing risks that insurers don’t typically underwrite.

Local and global pressure on risk underwriters to deliver improved performance has increased. This has triggered a strong shift towards clients managing their risks more proactively. We believe that this will only grow as time goes on, so we continue to ensure that our products and solutions address risk issues and client needs, through appropriate technical skills, accountability and personal service delivery.

Compliance is high on our list of priorities and it’s something we never take lightly in our engagement. This is thoroughly detailed in our service level agreements.


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Compliance is essential to the sustained viability of any business and without it, you could find yourself with a lot to answer for. One Vision Risk will help you to understand, navigate and measure the principles of the price of conformance (POC) versus the price of non-conformance (PONC).

We’ll assess your structures and abilities to facilitate compliance through:

  • Software audit processes, training and workshops
  • Compliance audits based on statutory obligation on areas like National Building Regulations, Health and Safety, Fire, Companies Act, Environmental and Financial
  • Our panel of experienced expert advisors perform external technical assessments to determine the most effective ways to mitigate and manage your risks.
  • We offer online self-assessment tools and learning programmes to keep you and your staff informed and empowered.
  • We conduct business risk profiling and prioritisation of actions to treat, retain, avoid and transfer these risks.
  • We create risk registers to assist in awareness, implementation, continuity planning and even disaster recovery.
  • Through insurance surveys, we can measure site or group level risk to ensure best practice and uphold ISO or international standards.
  • Workshops and training assist in maintaining standards, as does careful formulation of risk strategies and structures that address compliance.

Are you covered for the financial consequences of risks that could potentially cripple your business? At One Vision Risk, we will:

  • Evaluate and assess these risks in terms of their probability, impact and financial consequences.
  • Provide advice on recommended levels of cover to be purchased.
  • Examine risks that can’t be covered by insurance and determine how they can be financed, including expert advice on optimum transfer levels, depending on the cost of accessing insurer capital as opposed to using your own, or borrowing.

Attritional losses of a repetitive low risk nature should ideally not be insured due to the prohibitive cost of transferring these. Rather, ways of controlling and minimising these losses is more beneficial.

Why not get to grips with the ins and outs of insurance policies to ensure that you know what you are and aren’t covered for? By understanding maximum and probable loss scenarios and how to structure insurance, you can effectively control your spend on insurance.

Understand your duties as an insured business, and the full claims process from start to finish, including potential causes of litigation and how to evaluate your brokers and insurance partners. We’ll also help you enhance your reputation in your market through integrating risk initiatives with your insurance programme to better spend resources.

Isn’t it time you chose the right partners?


“PARTNER RISK Solutions has had a relationship with OVR over the past 8 months but I have personally been dealing with OVR for more than a year. In this time we find that OVR offers a range of Risk Management Services for the insurance industry. We have seen value in services that assist greatly with the management of risk surveys; assigning surveyors and risk engineers, monitoring completion of risk reduction measures, and online management of risk mitigation projects and reporting. OVR’s surveys are of a high quality, done on the Rapid Global software platform which drives risk management and compliance to a large degree. We also find that OVR boasts a wealth of knowledge through the panel of consultants that it holds which gives us the Underwriter confidence in the output of risk assessments and underwriting surveys.”
Singita has been using the Rapid Global Software, through the introduction of One Vision Risk, for a year now. In this time, we found that the system implemented not only suited the needs of our business structure but also helped create a culture of risk awareness to all employees. The OVR system of Risk Management helps us achieve awareness of variables that affect risk. We have only deployed this system is one of our five properties to date and look forward to seeing what OVR can do going forward We recommend the services of OVR as we find it to be a very service driven, results driven and customer orientated company which a high level of Integrity and Commitment.
“The biggest benefit we have from implementing the Rapid Incident System is email reminders. We are all human and L’Oreal is a very dynamic and fast changing working environment and due to requirements employees might forget about their outstanding findings and corrective actions that should need their attention."
EQSTRA Industrial Equipment forms part of the EQSTRA Holdings Limited Group, listed on the Johannesburg stock exchange and is represented in Southern Africa and the United Kingdom. Their main focus is in the industrial, material handling and agricultural equipment markets where they provide distribution, rental and value-added services for industrial, Agricultural and materials handling equipment in South Africa, various African countries and the United Kingdom. EQSTRA Industrial Equipment remains the market leader in the Southern African forklift segment, with the largest infrastructure of its kind in the region.

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